Standing Seam Metal Roofing Contractor

Premier Loc© Standing Seam by Premier Metals

Premier Loc© Standing Seam Metal is a popular choice for many roofing applications. It is a snap together panel that is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Premier Metal's Roofing - The base material that Premier Metals uses is known as Galvalume. A unique process is used to produce Galvalume. A roll of cold steel, after being thoroughly cleaned to insure that the coating will be applied flawlessly, is unrolled and run through a molten coating bath containing aluminum and zinc. This special coating is very resistant to corrosion that is a result of being exposed to outdoor elements for extended periods of time.

  • 100% recyclable.
  • Choose from two gauges: 29 gauge, 24 gauge
  • 40 year warranty
  • More resistant to wind, storms, hail, snow and heat then traditional roofing